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Public Accountability Report

The deadline for submitting the fiscal year 2021 Public Accountability Report is 12/15/2021. Enter your agency number, user ID, password, and click on the LOGIN button to enter the PAR Portal. NOTE: You can check the box next to the Password field to view the password entered.

Access Request

If you need to gain access to the Public Accountability Report Portal and you are authorized to act as your agency's coordinator, click REGISTER and complete the form. If your agency already has a coordinator, contact that person to gain access or reset your password. If you are a new coordinator, please email PAR@illinoiscomptroller.gov to retrieve your PIN. Alternatively, you may complete the Office of the Comptroller Web Access Form. Email, fax, or deliver your completed, signed form to:

Benjamin Halley
IOC Security Administration
325 W. Adams
Springfield, IL 62704
Phone: 217-782-0214 or 217-524-5876
Fax: 217-524-5877

Once you have been authorized, contact Stephanie Blair at 217-785-6261 or PAR@illinoiscomptroller.gov.

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